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Leads Enter Automatically
Internet leads from almost two hundred ad
sources enter automatically so all your internet
leads are in one place to begin follow up
All Your Incoming Internet Leads In One Place
  • Car Gurus, and are by far your most popular and expensive online advertising expenditure costing thousands of dollars per month to generate leads
  • Dealer Lead Track CRM automatically enters customer information from incoming internet leads from Car Gurus, and plus almost two hundred other popular website portals for quick and easy follow up
  • Staff is alerted by text message when new leads arrive reducing follow up response delays and increasing immediate connections with customers
  • Dealer Lead Track's auto population feature is fully customizable on a source by source basis allowing you to assign incoming leads to a single staff member such as an internet manager or assign new leads by round robin format allowing staff to receive equal amount of internet leads
  • Eliminate lost, misplaced or just poorly handled internet leads which cost your store sales opportunities and thousands of dollars in wasted ad spending
Finally - All Your Internet Leads In One Place From These Ad Sources
  • 99 Drive
  • ActivEngage
  • Aimbase
  • All Auto Network
  • App One
  • ARI Network Services
  • Aspen Automotive
  • Autotrader Buy Here Pay Here
  • Trade In Marketplace
  • Auction 123
  • Auto By Tel
  • Auto Click
  • Auto Corner
  • Auto Credit Express
  • Auto Finance Acceptance
  • Auto Friend Leads
  • Auto Funds
  • Auto Fusion
  • Auto Gravity
  • Auto Latino
  • Auto Loan Options
  • Auto Manager
  • Auto Revo
  • Auto Revolution
  • Auto Sales Web
  • Auto Search Technologies
  • Auto Shopper
  • Auto Sweet
  • Autolist
  • AutoMaxLI
  • Automotive Experts
  • Automotive Marketing Group
  • Automoxie
  • AutoSMART
  • BJs Wholesale Buyers Club
  • Blue Sky Marketing
  • BLVD
  • Boat Matrix
  • Boatline
  • Boats Group
  • Boost Acquisition
  • Bub-Z
  • Capital One
  • Car Gigi
  • Car Gigi Ebay
  • Car Gurus
  • Car Offer
  • Car Soup
  • Car Think, LLC
  • CallRevu
  • Carbase
  • CarCasm
  • CarChat24
  • CarCo Canada
  • Carfax Online Vehicle Listings
  • CarLoan
  • CarNow
  • Carolina Skiff
  • Cars Direct
  • Cars Direct Finance
  • Cars For Sale
  • Carzilla
  • CarZing
  • CB Media
  • CBS Local
  • Charter Media
  • Chatchasers
  • CityTwist
  • Client Command
  • Commercial Truck Trader
  • Contact At Once
  • CPS Direct Mail
  • Credco
  • Credit Miner
  • Credit Yes
  • CU Direct
  • Cyber Lead
  • Cycle Trader
  • Dealer Car Search
  • Dealer Centric
  • Dealer E Process
  • Dealer Insights
  • Dealer Inspire
  • Dealer Lab
  • Dealer Mobile Leads
  • Dealer OMG
  • Dealer Rater
  • Dealer Solutions
  • Dealer Spike
  • Dealer Sync
  • Dealer Track Credit
  • Dealer Trend
  • Dealer Web Instinct
  • Dealer World
  • Dealerfront
  • Dealers Cloud
  • Dealers United
  • Dealership Toolkit
  • Dealr.Cloud
  • DEPi
  • Detroit Trading
  • Diamond Media
  • Digital Power Solutions
  • Direct 2 Dealer Marketing
  • Drive Digital
  • DSG Auto
  • Dupont Registry
  • eBay Motors Local Listings
  • eBiz Autos
  • eBiz Autos Ebay
  • eCar List
  • eCar List Ebay
  • ELeads Canada
  • Every Car Listed
  • Excel Boats
  • EZ Results
  • Facebook
  • Friday Systems
  • Focus Baltimore
  • Focus Media
  • Footsteps
  • Get Auto
  • Get My Auto
  • Google Ads
  • Grand Design RV
  • Gravitational Marketing
  • Hammer
  • Hemmings
  • Home Net
  • I See Cars
  • iBOATS
  • IFMG
  • iHeart Radio
  • InteractRV
  • Inventrue
  • Kawasaki
  • Kelley Blue Book
  • Laser Stream Video
  • LetGo
  • Li Used Cars
  • Liquid Motors
  • Live Admins
  • Live Event Stream
  • Lot Vantage
  • Malibu Boats
  • MAN Marketing
  • Market Doctors
  • Mass Live Media
  • MAX Digital
  • MCM Digital
  • Mojo Motors
  • Motorwebs
  • Mercury Marine
  • Mudd Advertising
  • MyNextRide
  • National Credit Center
  • NauticStar Boats
  • Nexteppe
  • Nsight
  • OfferUp
  • OneRequest
  • Only Inboards
  • Perq Marketing
  • Podium
  • Polaris
  • Positive Results Marketing
  • PowerSport Technologies
  • Premier Advertising Services
  • Pure Cars
  • Reach Local
  • Recycler
  • Redline
  • Retail My Ride
  • Rich Dealers
  • Rollick Outdoor
  • Route One
  • RV Trader
  • RV Universe
  • RV USA
  • RV Web Services
  • RVT
  • Santander Road Loans
  • Shift Response
  • Smoker Craft Boats
  • Specialty Answering Services
  • SpinCar
  • Star Marketing
  • Suzuki Marine
  • Sweet Relish
  • Tap Classifieds
  • Tecobi
  • Text Ups
  • The Webb Enterprises
  • Tidewater Boats
  • Todays Auto Guide
  • Top Marketing Agency
  • TradeVue
  • Triumph Motorcycles
  • Truck Paper
  • True Car
  • TWLN Finance
  • Ural Motorcycles
  • Used Car Lister
  • Used
  • V12 Software
  • Vin List
  • Vindicator
  • Volvo Penta
  • Wayne Reaves
  • Yamaha Boats
  • ZOP Media

Customization is available for web portals Dealer Lead Track currently does not support.
Please discuss your needs with one of our Dealer Coordinators today at 800-385-3584.

Send customized auto responder eMail per ad source once new internet leads arrive
Create and send follow up eMail campaigns to customers throughout the entire lead cycle
Send effective customized outgoing eMail scripts with embedded dealership hyperlinks through your email system such as Outlook or Gmail
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Sign up today for Dealer Lead Track's CRM ILM free 30 day trial
Sign up today for your free 30 day trial
Dealer Lead Track helps improve your closing rate, target marketing dollars with solid real time advertising data, and follow up with customers when they are ready to buy. Accomplish all this with Dealer Lead Track's easy-to-use web-based customer management system. Dealer Lead Track will not change your sales process. We enhance your sales process improving the performance of all sales staff leading to increased sales. Sign Up Now!

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What is CRM / ILM?

CRM is an acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management and ILM is an acronym that stands for Internet Lead Management. Both define how you create, develop and manage relationships with your potential, current, and past customers. Dealer Lead Track’s web-based internet lead management CRM / ILM system utilizes technology that creates lasting relationships with customers by prompting sales staff to contact a customer at the exact time a customer is looking to purchase, and creating satisfied customers today and potential repeat customers tomorrow, leading to increased sales both now and in the future. Running a successful new or used car dealership without a focused lead management system or CRM / ILM is a difficult task.

Auto Dealer CRM Solution

Dealer Lead Track is a complete web-based auto dealer CRM / ILM solution that ensures that your sales department accepts, catalogs, follows-up, and closes incoming sales leads properly for every customer. Successful customer relationship management, or CRM, does not benefit only your dealership. The customer also wins. Dealer Lead Track’s web based auto dealer CRM /ILM solution guides staff to properly connect with customers, creating lasting relationships for years to come.

  • Auto Dealer CRM /ILM Solution for Sales Staff. Dealer Lead Track guides staff to capture important customer data and manages sales leads from the initial contact throughout the entire sale. The productivity of both novice and seasoned sales staff improves with tools that consistently guide them through the important steps of each sale. When the sale is complete, Dealer Lead Track organizes customer information into a long lead database allowing staff to follow up years in the future, creating repeat buyers.
  • Auto Dealer CRM / ILM Solution to Improve Warranty Penetration. Dealer Lead Track guides staff to follow up multiple times after the sale if a warranty was not purchased at delivery. Multiple follow up attempts will increase warranty sales increasing profits at new and used car dealers.
  • Auto Dealer CRM /ILM Solution for Management. A variety of management reports assist in managing your dealership. Utilize these reports to confirm that sales staff work all leads properly from start to finish, track advertising to target marketing dollars and quickly adjust advertising campaigns to be more effective, track closing rates, and restock inventory for customers you are currently losing.
  • Auto Dealer CRM / ILM Solution Creates Repeat Customers. A dealership’s best resource is repeat customers; yet past customers are rarely contacted about purchasing another vehicle. Dealer Lead Track creates contact reminders at various future dates after the original sale to increase repeat customers, which leads to increased dealership profits. Contact reminders also are created for Warranty and GAP follow up to increase back-end penetration rates.
  • Auto Dealer Stand Alone CRM / ILM Solution. Dealer Lead Track is a stand-alone CRM / ILM solution for new and used car dealerships of all sizes. Dealers do not need to adjust any current providers from F&I, accounting, or web site management.

Auto Dealer CRM / ILM Software or Auto Dealer Web CRM / ILM

Traditional PC or Mac based CRM software is being replaced by web-based CRM / ILM, also known as “hosted CRM”, "hosted ILM", “on demand CRM”, or "on demand ILM". More companies than ever are rapidly moving to web based applications like Dealer Lead Track because to be successful in today’s internet driven automotive marketplace, it is more important than ever to maximize every incoming customer lead and catalog every customer interaction to improve customer relations. With Dealer Lead Track’s monthly subscription pay-as-you-go CRM / ILM, there is no large up-front software investment that’s difficult to install and maintain. With Dealer Lead Track’s web based CRM / ILM lead management system, all that a user needs to access the system is a computer connected to the Internet. There is no software to purchase or install.

  • Auto Dealer Web CRM / ILM Provides Value.Eliminates the need for expensive software and the need to install software onto your computer. With Web CRM / ILM there are no updates to install. Dealer Lead Track Web CRM / ILM system is 100% up-to-date at all time.
  • Auto Dealer Web CRM / ILM Offers Instant Access. Sign up now and immediately utilize Dealer Lead Track, allowing instant implementation instead of waiting weeks or months for CRM Software to be customized and installed.
  • Hosted Auto Dealer CRM / ILM Allows User Easy Customization. With an online Web CRM / ILM solution like Dealer Lead Track, customization is easy. Management can add or delete users, add or delete advertisers, set advertising budgets, setup incoming lead auto population from,, ebay motors, and auto by tel directly online via Dealer Lead Track’s easy-to-use “Dealer Dashboard.”
  • Web Based Auto Dealer CRM / ILM Features Painless Future Upgrades. Because future CRM / ILM upgrades are deployed on our servers, you’re always working with the latest version with our web-based CRM lead management system so upgrades are never a headache. Upgrades occur behind the scenes just like upgrades to your favorite websites like Google, Yahoo, and ESPN.

To summarize:

Web Auto Dealer CRM / ILM Solutions

Web-based CRM / ILM, on-demand CRM, on-demand ILM, hosted CRM, , hosted ILM, or cloud computing CRM / ILM all mean the same thing. These terms refer to the delivery of CRM / ILM solutions offered by Dealer Lead Track over the internet. With Web CRM Solutions there is no expensive software to purchase, install, or maintain.

Cloud Computing & CRM / ILM Solutions

The future has arrived in the world of computers and cloud computing is that future. What does this mean for auto dealer CRM / ILM Solutions?

Affordable monthly subscription plans with no up-front investment and instant deployment is what cloud computing and Dealer Lead Track have brought to the auto dealer Web CRM / ILM Solution space. Auto Dealerships of all sizes now benefit from cloud technology that allow even the smallest stores to utilize similar tools that the largest auto groups use without any up-front costs or development.